Premium Decorative Boulders (Pallets are approximately 40 inches wide and 48 inches deep)

Boulder #7 Pink to grey color.  Rippled texture to add eye appeal.

Boulder 7

Boulder #8 Salmon with grey spots.

Boulder 8

Boulder #9 Half circular shape.  Rounded and smooth top.  Rough end with huge exposed crystals.  Tons of color including pink, grey, brown and white.

Boulder 9

Boulder #10 Steel grey color with a splash of light brown and blue.

Boulder 10

Boulder #11 Tan-brown surface with speckled grey and blue colors emerging.

Boulder 11

Boulder #12 Rustic color including shades of brown, black, blue and grey.

Boulder 12

Boulder #13 Base color of grey and black with pink and white veins.

Boulder 13

Boulder #14 Unique arrowhead shape.  Brown side with salmon-grey color through-out.

Boulder 14

Boulder #15 Steel grey-brown exterior with hints of blue poking through.

Boulder 15

Boulder #16 Brown flats with speckled grey, brown, black and white core.

Boulder 16

Boulder #17 Coral-like texture with a light grey core and brown surface tint.

Boulder 17

Boulder #18 Unique texture with golf ball sized ripples over the surface.  Shades of grey with light-tan highlights.

Boulder 18

Boulder #19 Clean and crisp texturing.  Brown face with a marbled core including black, grey, white and pink color.

Boulder 19

Boulder #20 Unique rustic look with orange, dark red, blue and grey.

Boulder 20

Boulder #21 Black and pink speckled core.  Unique cut out for eye appeal.

Boulder 21

Boulder #22 Pink and grey-black marbling.

Boulder 22

Boulder #23 Rounded with a black and white speckled core.  A huge pink vein running through the center.

Boulder 23

Boulder #24 Unique shape with shades of white, brown and black.

Boulder 24

Boulder #25 Ripple textured surface.  Brown top cascading down to grey shades near the bottom.

Boulder 25

Boulder #26 Pink and black speckled core.  Large black spots throughout.

Boulder 26