We are a full-service design company. Before any project starts, a great design must be made. There are several elements to design. The first part of the design process is the plant layout.

Before the design process.

Before Landscape Design

One of our designers will meet with you one on one to talk about your project. You will take a brief questionnaire so we can find out what you are looking for in a landscape project. Our designer will walk you through the plant selection process. We will make recommendations based on your soil type and installation area. Sun exposure plays an essential part in the plant selection process as well.

During the design process.

After the initial consultation with one of our designers, its back to the drawing board. Our designer will integrate your ideas and interests into the design. Plants will be chosen that meet size, soil and sun exposure requirements. Our designer will come up with a layout for your project and make creative suggestions on how to proceed. Once a design drawing is made of your project, we take the process one step farther. Our designer will create an after the installation photo, artistically rendered from a before picture of your project.

Design changes made easy!

The after picture will show mature plants during their peak interest. This picture can be used to help visualize the project before a single plant is installed. We also render mulch and rock installation into the photo as well. This way you can get a good idea of how your entire project will look after it is installed. Our design process from start to finish gives you the most flexibility with your project.