Welcome to our tree page. Please read the disclaimer below for information regarding tree purchases and planting.

Below you will find a list of the current trees that we have in stock.  Sizes are not listed due to wide variety of trees that we carry.  Quantities change daily, so we do not list quantities.  If the tree on this page is sold out, it will be noted next to the tree listed on this page.

Field grown trees are noted with a F.  Container and potted trees are noted with a C.  Bareroot trees, newly potted are noted with a BR.  Bare root trees will be available after mid-April.  Some varieties are stocked in the field F and in container C , bareroot BR as well, so the notation may list more than one type available.

Due to the high volume of tree interest, trees must be paid for in order to hold for spring digging.  Once a deposit has been put on a tree, it is non refundable regardless of the reason.  We do our best to accommodate everyone’s tree needs.  If you are unsure of your commitment to a tree, please do not put a deposit on the tree or ask us to hold it for you.

Spring digging will be done sometime the first part or mid-April depending on weather.  We cannot guaranty a dig date as the weather dictates our schedule.

Field grown tree installations will be done by a third party installer.  We are not affiliated with the installer.  You will need to work directly with the installer to schedule your tree installation.  Payments for tree installations will be between yourself and the installation company.  You are also free to choose a different company to install your trees as well.

There are no warranties expressed or implied on any trees and plant material.  All nursery stock is sold AS-IS.  No returns or exchanges on nursery stock that has been sold.

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Next Generation Landscape Nursery for all of your tree needs.  Should you have any questions, please message us on our Facebook page or call our office at 319-366-3718.

Our Evergreen Trees

Black Hills Spruce

Spruce, Black Hills F

Spruce, Colorado F, C

Spruce, Norway F, C

Spruce, White C

Tamarack C

Our Ornamental Trees

Cherry, Snow Fountains C

Crab, Donald Wyman F

Crab, Gladiator C

Crab, Prairiefire F

Crab, Profusion F

Crab, Red Jewel F

Crab, Royal Raindrops C

Crab, Snowdrift C

Crab, Red Splendor C BR available mid-April

Dogwood, Pagoda C

Hawthorn, Snowbird C

Hawthorn, Crimson Cloud C

Hydrangea, Quick Fire Tree Sold Out

Lilac, Dwarf Korean Tree C

Lilac, Japanese Tree F C BR available mid-April

Lilac, Tinkerbelle C BR available mid-April

Maple, Bloodgood Japanese C

Maple, Compact Amur BR available mid-April

Maple, Tamukeyama C

Ninebark, Diablo Tree C

Pear, Autumn Blaze F BR available mid-April

Pear, Chanticeer BR available mid-April

Pear, Cleveland C

Plum, Newport (Minnesota Strain) F C

Redbud, Eastern (Minnesota Strain) F BR available mid-April

Our Shade Trees

Shade Trees

Aspen, Bigtooth C

Aspen, Quaking BR available mid-April

Birch, River (Tri-Clump) F

Buckeye, Ohio BR available mid-April

Cherry, Canada Red Select C

Chestnut, Chinese

Coffee Tree, Kentucky

Cypress, Debonair Pond

Elm, Valley Forge American F

Elm, St. Croix C BR available mid-April

Ginkgo, Princeton Sentry F BR available mid-April

Hackberry C

Honeylocust, Skyline F

Manchurian Alder, Prairie Horizon BR available mid-April

Maple, Autumn Blaze BR available mid-April

Maple, Brandywine F C BR available mid-April

Maple, Crimson King C

Maple, Emerald Lustre F C BR available mid-April

Maple, Fall Fiesta F BR available mid-April

Maple, Matador C BR available mid-April

Maple, Red Sunset C

Maple, Royal Red F BR available mid-April

Maple, Ruby Slippers Amur BR available mid-April

Maple, Sienna Glen BR available mid-April

Maple, State Street BR available mid-April

Maple, Sugar Green Mountain BR available mid-April

Maple, Variegated C

Oak, Northern Red F BR available mid-April

Oak, Pin C

Oak, Sawtooth BR available mid-April

Oak, Swamp White F C

Olive Tree, Russian C

Planetree, Bloodgood F BR available mid-April

Poplar, Balsam C

Redwood, Dawn BR available mid-April

Sweetgum, Moraine BR available mid-April

Tuliptree C BR available mid-April

Willow, Niobe Weeping C

Willow Pendula Weeping C

Our Fruit Trees

Apple, Granny Smith C

Apple, Red Delicious C

Cherry, Sweet Cherry Pie C

Peach, Contender C

Plum, Mount Royal C