ADAMS NEEDLE YUCCA is a perfect plant to transform your landscape into a southwestern desert theme.  Since this plant is hardy to zone 4, it can be used in quite a few northern landscapes.  The unique features of this plant make it desirable to incorporate into modern and contemporary landscapes as well.  This plant is low maintenance and does quite well once it is established.  Since the plant grows uniformly and is compact, it does not need pruning.  Periodically removing the dead growth or discolored leaves will enhance the overall look of this plant.

The leaves of Adams Needle Yucca produce “strings” which also adds to the interest of this plant.  The strings are curly and peel away from the main structure of the leaf. When the strings are present, they are white colored. During the summer this Yucca produces a large stem from the center of the plant.  This stem supports flowers that emerge at a later date.  The flower clusters are large and heavy; this is why the stem is firm like bamboo.  After the flowers are done blooming the plant produces large seed pods about the size of a human thumb.  The seed pods are mint-green at first. As the pods dry out, they turn brown. The pods are filled with black seeds that help the plant reproduce.

Adams Needle Yucca

Yucca Filamentosa

Plant Type- Deciduous Shrub

Flower Color- White

Foliage Color- Blue-Green

Growth Habit- Rounded

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 4-9

Height- 3′

Spread- 4′

Light- Full Sun

Details-  Adams Needle Yucca is one of the hardiest Yucca plants.  This low maintenance plant adds unique character to landscapes.

Pruning-  Pruning should be limited to the removal of dead flower stems and discolored or dead leaves.  No formal shaping of this plant is necessary.

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