DOUBLE KNOCK OUT ROSE RED ® produces bright red flowers that continually bloom from spring to fall.  The slightly fragrant flowers of this plant are about the size of a golf ball.  This rose variety is a low maintenance plant that has many disease resistant qualities.  Double Knock Out Rose ® is resistant to black spot and downy mildew leaf diseases.  If you are looking for a rose plant to install in your landscape, consider the Double Knock Out Rose ®.  This plant naturally grows in a globe form.  If multiple rose plants are installed close together, it is possible to create a hedge out of Double Knock Out Rose ®.  This bush is a fast grower and does require regular watering during dry times.

Double Knock Out Rose

Double Knock Out Rose

Double Knock Out Red Roses

Double Knock Out Red Rose

Double Knock Out Rose ®

Rosa X ‘Radtko’ P.P. #16202

Plant Type

Flower Color- Red

Foliage Color- Dark Green

Growth Habit- Round

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 4-7

Height- 3′

Spread- 4′

Light-Full Sun

Details- This rose plant boasts abundant bright red flowers bloom all summer long.  This shrub is a disease resistant rose plant.  Susceptible to Japanese Beetle damage.

Pruning-  Prune this plant in late winter to promote new spring growth.

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