Firedance™ Dogwood


Plant Type- Deciduous Shrub

Flower Color- White

Foliage Color- Green in the summer and yellow, orange, red in the fall

Growth Habit- Round, Compact

Growth Rate- Moderate

Zone- 2-7

Height- 3′-4′

Spread- 4′-5′

Light- Full Sun

Details-  Firedance™ Dogwood is a moderate growing, low maintenance shrub.  It has red twigs in the winter and boasts a beautiful color spectrum of yellow, orange and red leaves in the fall.  This plant produces small creamy-white flowers in the spring.

Pruning- Pruning should be done annually in late winter to promote new growth. Pruning during the winter will only remove twig growth, not foliage growth.  It is easier to shape this shrub in the winter without foliage present.

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