Clean Ups

Spring clean-ups are a great way to spruce up your property and get your landscape prepared for the coming year.  Our spring and fall clean-up service includes the removal of compacted leaves which can suffocate and kill your plants.

Our professionals clean out every area where leaves accumulate, from bushes to flower beds we clean it all.  The best part of all, we remove the leaves for your convenience.  We offer leaf vacuum services to remove large amounts of leaves.  Our leaf vacuum truck can remove tons of leaves at one time, making short work of large jobs. 

During our spring clean-up, we remove dead foliage from around perennials from the previous season.  Call NextGen to get your landscape back in shape after the fall season.

Irrigation Maintenance 


If you have an existing irrigation system, NextGen provides irrigation maintenance services to keep your system working properly.  Our technicians will start your system up in the spring, check all zones for proper functions and test all RPZ’s.  We can adjust your system throughout the growing system to fit weather conditions.  In the fall our technicians will shut down your system and blow all of the water out of your lines so that the water does not freeze over the winter months.



If you are tired of overgrown foliage on your bushes, shrubs, and trees, NextGen provides pruning services to get your plants back in shape.  Whether it be a touch-up to remove the minor growth or a complete re-shaping of a plant, NextGen has you covered.  Our trained professionals implement proper pruning techniques when working with your plants.  Not only does pruning make your plants look uniform, but it increases the curb appeal of your property.

Watering Services

Next Gen offers bulk watering services for your home or business.  We can use your existing water supply to water your plants, or we provide watering services with our watering truck.  We can water any amount of plant material with our specialty watering truck.  Don’t let your plants die out this summer due to lack of water, call us today to schedule your plant watering.

Weed Abatement 

Weed Abatement

Weeds can quickly take over your landscape beds and parking lot areas if left unattended.  Let our landscape professionals keep weeds in check on your property.  We offer mechanical or chemical remediation of weeds in your landscape beds.  We offer weekly and monthly programs to help keep your landscape beds and parking lot areas looking their best.