One of the best ways to utilize your yard is by installing an outdoor living area. Maximizing your yards full potential by creating an environment that you and your family can enjoy will add additional entertainment opportunities to your property. Some of the most popular outdoor spaces include fire pits or grill areas, water features and patio areas. Chances are the more you put into your outdoor living space, the more time you will be spending outside this summer.

We don’t just install products in your yard; we install a vision for entertainment. Our company has completed projects from small patios with a fire pit to entire grilling and entertainment areas. Whatever your tastes are, we can accommodate any client.

Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Living Area

Choosing the right material for your outdoor living area is essential.  We help our clients every step of the way from choosing the right material for the project to adding focal points in the completed design. Our landscape designers can advise you on proper plant selection and creative plant layout. We offer landscape photo imaging to help our customers visualize what their completed project will look when finished. We start with a before photo of your project, and after a little design work, we can show you what your project will look like after several years of growth.

When it comes to an outdoor living area, the possibilities are endless.  Each yard has unique features that we can integrate into the project.  Established trees and plant material can complement a new installation. Architectural characteristics of the home can also be woven into the design of the landscape. Natural products may fit better with a house near woods.  Cast material may work better with a new construction home.

Envision yourself grilling out on your new patio or roasting marshmallows with your kids using your new fire pit. The most important thing when creating an outdoor living space is that you create a place for you and your family to enjoy.