NextGen offers complete landscape installation services including plant installation!

Annual Flowers


Our company offers spring annual flower installation. We install bedding plants as well as planters and pots. Our maintenance crews can maintain your plantings all through the growing season. We even offer fall mum installation to spruce up your planters once summer annuals are done blooming. Whatever your flower need may be, you can rely on NextGen to keep your property looking its finest.

Perennial Installation


Perennials are a great way to add permanent color to your landscape. Unlike annual flowers that need to be planted every spring, perennial flowers come up on their own. Perennial flowers are an excellent way to add color to your landscape. Our designers can give you ideas on what plants to use and where they will thrive in your landscape. Let us help you increase the eye appeal of your project while at the same time simplifying the maintenance of your project.

Shrub Installation


Shrubs are fantastic to use in foundation plantings. Evergreens add year-round interest, while deciduous shrubs add seasonal color. NextGen knows shrubs. We understand the soil and nutrient needs of each plant. Having a skilled landscape designer select plants for your project will increase the survive-ability rate of your project once it is installed. Anyone can dig a hole and throw in a plant. Our philosophy is different. We specialize in matching plants with property owners. Each property and application is unique and requires the help of a skilled partner. We will select plants that are easy to maintain, are climate appropriate and will not outgrow their growing space. Your investment deserves a company knows its shrubs.

Tree Installation


Trees are a vital part of our community. They are an investment that will be around for many years. When choosing trees for your property, it is important to know what you are getting. You want to select a tree that is best suited for its growing area, soil, and climate. You also want to find the right place to plant the tree so it can thrive to its fullest potential. Choosing a landscape partner that is familiar with proper tree installation will help you get the most out of your investment.

Our tree specialists can help you select the right tree for your application. Our installers can ensure that your tree is installed correctly to maximize its survival. Not all tree installers are the same, that is why we pride ourselves on guiding you through the tree installation process. When you hire us to install your tree, you are choosing a partner that cares as much as you do about your trees success.