Becky Shasta Daisy is a bright white perennial flower with a rich yellow center. The flowers of this plant bloom all summer long up until fall. This perennial plant requires regular watering and does not do well in extreme heat. Becky Shasta Daisy will help attract butterflies your property because of their large, flat, flower blooms. The flowers of this plant are great for cutting and using as home decor.

To improve the overall quality of this plant, consider dividing it every couple of years in the spring before the new growth starts. The bright flower center contrasts the white petals nicely. This flower works well in most types of soil except clay. Since this perennial stays relatively small (12″ tall), it doesn’t become overgrown or a burdensome to your landscape. It can be used as a border plant or in a mass planting. Daisy’s are similar in appearance to that of the white swan coneflower. This plant was the 2003 Perennial Plant of the Year.

Becky Shasta Daisy

Becky Shasta Daisy

Chrysanthemum X Superbum ‘Becky’

Plant Type- Perennial

Flower Color- White

Folage Color- Green

Growth Habit- Upright

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 5-9

Height- 12″

Spread- 24″

Light- Sun

Details- Solid white flower with a yellow center.

Pruning- Cut to the ground in the fall to encourage new spring growth.

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