Blue Clips Bellflower is a mid-summer bloomer.  The flowers of this perennial are dark purple and are abundant during the summer.  Flower petals of the Blue Clips Bellflower grow together to form a cup.  This variety of Bellflower can tolerate dry conditions but prefers moist soil.  This perennial is compact, only reaching about a foot tall and two feet wide.  It is a great plant to use for borders in your landscape.

Carpathian Bellflower Clips Blue

Blue Clips Bellflower

Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Clips’

Plant Type- Perennial Flower

Flower Color- Purple

Foliage Color-  Green

Growth Habit- Spreading

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 4-9

Height- 6″-8″

Spread- 8″-12″

Light- Part Shade to Full Sun

Details- Does best in moist soils to thrive.  Consistent summer blooming perennial.

Pruning- Cut to the ground in the fall to encourage new spring growth.

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