Creme Brulee Coreopsis produces yellow flowers with a gold center.  This coreopsis variety is more mildew-resistant than other comparable types.  The yellow serrated flowers bloom from summer through fall.  This perennial provides excellent eye appeal with its abundant flowers.  The small flowers completely cover the surface of the plant and contrast the bright green foliage.  If you are looking for a low maintenance, fast growing perennial for your landscape, consider installing Creme Brulee Coreopsis.

Creme Brulee Coreopsis

Creme Brulee Coreopsis

Coreopsis verticillata ‘Creme Brulee’ PP16096

Plant Type- Perennial

Flower Color- Yellow

Foliage Color- Green

Growth Habit- Round

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 4-9

Height- 12″- 20″

Spread- 12″-18″

Light- Sun

Details- This perennial does best in average to fertile soils.  Lil Bang Daybreak Coreopsis ™ prefers well-drained soil.  Requires occasional watering once established.

Pruning- Late summer cutback will trigger new fall flowers.  Cut to the ground in the fall to encourage new spring growth.

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