Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass is an ornamental perennial plant.  This burgundy grass grows upright to a height of three feet.  The blades of this grass have dark purple mid-veins and bright pink margins.  The blades of this grass plant have narrow arching leaves.  Purple tassels that resemble foxtails appear in the summer.  These tassels abundantly cover the perennial for the rest of the growing season.  Unlike other grass plants, the tassels of Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass do not reseed.

Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass

Pennisetum setaceum rubrum ‘Fireworks’ PP18504

Plant Type- Perennial Grass

Flower Color- Purple

Foliage Color- Burgundy to Hot Pink

Growth Habit- Upright

Growth Rate- Moderate

Zone- 5-11

Height- 2′-3′

Spread- 1′-2′

Light- Sun

Details- Upright grass and clump forming.  Brilliant burgundy to hot pink color with beautiful tassels in the summer.

Pruning- Cut to ground in the fall to encourage new plant growth in the spring.

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