RED HOT POKER FLAMENCO is a beautiful perennial flower with outstanding characteristics. This native South African flower boasts a large flower cluster in late spring. Flowering from late spring until early fall, this perennial is dressed in yellow, orange and red flower color. A sturdy stem holds the large flower cluster. The flower petals of the Red Hot Poker Flamenco are long, slender and tubular. Tubes attach to the stem and create a flower cluster nearly six inches long.

If you are looking for a perennial that is deer and rabbit tolerant, consider choosing this plant for your project. Red Hot Poker Flamenco also works well in drought conditions and clay soil.

Red Hot Poker Flaminco

Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia uvaria ‘Flamenco Mixture’

Plant Type- Perennial

Flower Color- Yellow, Orange, Red

Foliage Color- Green

Growth Habit- Compact

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 5-9

Height- 24″-36″

Spread- 12″-24″

Light- Full Sun

Details- This Flaminco works well in mass plantings. 

Pruning- Cut to the ground in the fall to encourage new spring growth.

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