Eastern Redbud is a popular tree known for its flashy pink flowers in the spring. This tree is a moderate grower and naturally grows in a globe form. This tree boasts bright yellow leaves in the fall. Eastern Redbud is a perfect tree to install in your landscape if you are looking for spring and fall color interest. This tree is also popular with birds and butterflies.

Redbud Trees

Redbud Flowers

Eastern Redbud Seed Pod

Eastern Redbud

Cercis Canadensis

Plant Type- Ornamental Tree

Flower Color- Pink to purple flowers

Foliage Color- Green

Growth Habit- Upright, Round Canopy

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 5-9

Height- 30 feet tall

Spread- 25-35 feet wide

Light- Full Sun

Details- Eastern Redbud trees offer beautiful spring flowers.  These moderate growers require frequent watering during extreme heat or drought conditions.  This tree is native to the eastern United States.  Seed pods can be found on this tree.

Pruning- Pruning should be done in the summer after the tree is done leafing.  Waiting till after there is foliage on the tree will sap seepage.

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