Sienna Glen Maple trees are a relatively new variety.  The tree is a cross between a silver maple and red maple.  The tree was patented in 2000.  Sienna Glen Maple trees grow in a pyramidal form.  This tree has a uniform branching habit.  The leaves of this maple are pointed.  The foliage is medium green in the summer and turns to bright orange to red in the fall.  There are minimal disease or pest problems with this specific variety of maple.  Sienna Glen Maple trees can tolerate wet and alkaline soils.  This tree works well when planted as a shade tree.

Sienna Glen Maple Spring Leaves

Sienna Glen Maple Bark

Sienna Glen Maple

Acer SIENNA GLEN ‘Sienna’

Plant Type- Deciduous Tree

Flower Color- Green/Yellow

Foliage Color- Green foliage in the summer and orange to red in the fall.

Growth Habit- Pyramidal

Growth Rate- Moderate

Zone- 4-6

Height- 50′-60′ feet tall

Spread- 35′-40′ feet wide

Light- Full to partial sun

Details-  Similar in looks to the Autumn Blaze variety, but Sienna Glen Maple grows slightly slower and has a more rounded appearance.  The foliage is similar in shape to that of the Autumn Blaze as well.  The easiest way to differentiate between the two varieties is the fall foliage color.  Autumn blaze has mostly fiery red leaves, and Sienna Glen Maple will have a variety of colors including yellow, orange and red.

Pruning- Pruning should be done in the summer after the tree is done leafing.  Waiting till after there is foliage on the tree will sap seepage.

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