White Bark Himalayan Birch

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii

Plant Type- Deciduous Tree

Flower Color- Yellow

Foliage Color- Green in the summer and yellow in the fall.

Growth Habit- Pyramidal, Weeping

Growth Rate- Fast

Zone- 4-7

Height- 40-50 feet tall

Spread- 25-35 feet wide

Light- Full sun

Details- Best known for its white bark, this tree makes a great focal point in landscapes.  This tree can be grown as a stand-alone or three-trunk formation.  This birch is commonly planted in landscapes near collections of water.  This deer resistant plant provides year-round interest.

Pruning-  Birch should be pruned to remove dead or damage branches.  The tree can also use pruning to help reduce low branching.

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